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The advice has changed on how we fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Please read the following:

Social distancing:

To save lives and protect the NHS, stay at home.

If you can, you should work from home.

You should only leave your home for one of the following reasons:

  1. for work, where you cannot work from home
  2. going to shops that are permitted to be open – to get things like food and medicine, and to collect goods ordered online or on the phone
  3. to exercise or spend time outdoors for recreation
  4. any medical need, to donate blood, avoid injury or illness, escape risk of harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person

For further information on social distancing, see the government’s website:

Self-isolating if you or a member of your household has symptoms:

If you have symptoms of coronavirus (a continuous cough or a high temperature) you should self-isolate for seven days. Other members of your household should self-isolate for fourteen days. You can find full details on the government’s website:

If you are struggling with getting basic necessities because you are self-isolating, you can contact East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s helpline:

Email Address:
Phone number: 01482 393919

Financial support:

The government has provided a wide range of grants, loans and tax breaks to help businesses, employees, and the self-employed. To find out more, go to the government’s website:

Here, you can find out about travel advice, school closures, and other public services and businesses.


The government has made some small alterations to the lockdown restrictions, but this should not be exploited. You are still not permitted to go to second homes. You should not be going on tourist excursions and shouldn’t drive further than you need to.

While these modifications to the rules provide greater opportunities for individuals and families to enjoy the outdoors, it is important no one unnecessarily risks their health or the health of others.

Greg says: “What is allowed is not always wise, and I encourage everyone to consider the possible consequences of their actions. 

“The best advice is still to stay at home whenever possible.

“In my view, visits to the coast at the present time should certainly not be undertaken if you do not live in the area.”

13 May 2020